Riko Ophorst
Graphics & engine programmer
Comp. Science at NHTV Breda (IGAD)
C++, C#, C
JavaScript, HTML5
DirectX 11, DirectX 12 OpenGL, Vulkan
Perforce & Git
4 shipped games
5 game jams
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About me
  • Mobile
  • HTML5 game development
  • Graphics
  • Engines
  • C++
  • Web
  • PC
Who is Riko Ophorst?
I am Riko Ophorst. I am a programmer by day and a gamer by night. Okay, maybe sometimes a Formula 1 fan as well.

Born in Waalwijk, The Netherlands, I was always a gamer. I am hugely passionate about games and the technology that enables games to exist. I had my first experience with programming back when I was around 11 or 12 years old. I wanted to make a text-based game like one I was playing at the time. After hours, days, weeks, months I finally got some things working. I was so proud, so happy - I had made something on a computer! It was then that I knew I wanted to be a programmer, someone who makes things.

I have completed my first college degree in "Media and Application development" from SiNTLUCAS Eindhoven, where I studied from September 2012 through July 2015. Normally, it would've been a 4 year programme, but I managed to skip a full study year, allowing me to finish my first degree on July 2015. Right after finishing that degree, I wanted more.

As of September 2015, I started a new study. This time at the NHTV Breda, studying International Game Architecture and Design (IGAD), where I will be getting a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science. I finished my first year (propeadeutic-phase) with a 3.25 GPA.

In my spare time I like to follow the Formula 1. When I was younger I used to have my own go-kart, which I would take to a race track every couple of weeks. I loved racing around, but it got a bit expensive and I decided to stop karting and do the simple thing: follow the Formula 1. I love F1, it's amazing seeing all the cars race around the track, seeing which driver is better than the other. Racing, in general, is just awesome.

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