Riko Ophorst
Rendering & Software Engineer
4+ years professional experience (incl. internships) Started working professionally in Sep 2018, including my initial internship at OTOY. Does not include internships from before that date.
Vulkan, Metal, D3D11/12, CUDA, CMake, RTX, Windows, macOS, Linux
Raytracing & pathtracing
Realtime 3D rendering
R&D in Emerging Technologies
Cross-platform & porting
GPU & CPU optimizations
2 shipped products
4 shipped games
5 game jams
Creative Media & Game Technologies (BSc, July 2019)
At Breda University in the Netherlands
Cosmo Hopper
  • 72 hr Game-jam project
  • C#
  • Unity
  • Ludum Dare
What is Cosmo Hopper?
Cosmo Hopper is an explorer game. You are tasked to gather resources and use those to upgrade your home planet.
  • Explore the world by jumping between planets.
  • Gather the right resources for your quests.
  • Upgrade your home planet, and unlock extremely overpowered abilities
  • If you don't return in time, your planet implodes.
  • Try to get as far as possible.
Technical specifications
  • Unity
  • C#
  • Built in 72 hours in December 2015
  • 2 programmers, 2 artist
Play the game
View the source code on GitHub
My contribution to Cosmo Hopper
Together with Daniel Konings I was responsible for the programming of this game. Some of my contributions to the game are:
  • Programmed all the upgrades
  • Programmed all the pick-ups
  • Programmed the planets
  • Worked on the player mechanics
  • Implemented most animations
  • Level design